Even the greatest communications system in the world fails if it doesn’t have the technology to deliver it.

Texpert sets up your technology so that all you have to worry about is the message you want to deliver. We do that in two major areas – Networking and Applications.



Delivering your message to the intended recipients is a crucial part of communications, and your IT network is critical to that. Emails and phones for example are totally dependent on a smooth functioning network.

The complexities of networking is hidden from everyday users – until something goes wrong, or something new is added to the network such as a printer. That’s when you need someone who understands IT networking and can get you working again with minimum fuss and downtime.

One big area that cause grief is WiFi. Typically Telcos provide domestic grade equipment to small businesses and it doesn’t take long for the WiFi to be patchy and unreliable due to the physical environment of an office. WiFi Heatmaps show how an office effects WiFi, and from that we can set it up to be more effective and reliable in that particular office.


Applications are the tools we use to craft and deliver our messages. This is where the work of communications actually gets done.  There are many choices, but Microsoft Office is easily the best known and most widely used set of applications.

Well known and widely used doesn’t necessarily mean people get the best out of them. No two businesses are exactly the same, however most small businesses¬† don’t optimise their apps for their particular business. For example, setting up templates that match how the business works rather than using “out of the box” configurations and manually adapting them each time.

Optimising the way files and data are stored and accessed will also save a lot of time and frustration. Hand in hand with that is security. We not only make it easier for you to get your information, we also make it harder for the wrong people to get it. In the interconnected world we live in, digital security is even more important to get right.

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