They loved your seminar, but what about those who weren't in the room?

You put a lot of work into your seminar / business breakfast / product launch, and it went well. They all loved it, but who wasn’t in the room that would also have benefited?

Some had other events on their calendar. Some couldn’t travel. Maybe you just couldn’t fit any more in the room. Maybe they didn’t even know the event was on.

Whatever the reason, livestreaming your event will get it to your audience who is outside the room, and video recording the event makes it available in the future for those who can’t be there on the day.


We have multiple options to stream your event out to your participants. The right option depends on your event and on the people involved. We use multiple cameras, and can incorporate a wide range of graphics, including Powerpoint slides, directly into the stream to ensure that the Livestream participants get a clear view of what you are presenting.

We can also tap directly into your in-house audio system where that is possible so that those outside the room hear the same thing as those inside. If this is not possible, we have a range of other options to make sure they don’t miss out on hearing what is said.

Video Recording

Recording your event makes it available for the future so those who weren’t there don’t miss out, and those who were can easily refresh their memory. This is also useful where a record is required for audit or management purposes.

A recorded session can also be edited to better present the event. Unexpected things can happen in a live presentation and editing after the event can deal with them better.  There can also be sections in the event which make sense when live but not afterwards. For example in a seminar, participants may spend several minutes in group discussions which in the edited version would be condensed to a matter of seconds.

Want to know more?

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