Texpert - Traditional IT and Office 365 Support

WiFi Extenders and Mesh Systems

Taking your WiFi where it hasn’t been before.

Which NBN Speed Option?

The right NBN plan depends both on where you are and what your business does.

Navigating through the AUSKey Replacement

There are some important differences with myGovID.

Can’t send email on work WiFi

Windows 7 End of Support

It still works, but you are on your own with any problems.

Password Pets

Some things to think about re password security.

Metadata What?

Metadata is very useful – if you know what it is.

Metadata How

How to use metadata

Password Pets

Some things to think about re password security.

Freeway traffic and the internet.

Why is my internet slow?

Dealing with Internet Congestion

Cloud Storage

What it is. When, and when not to use it.

To Cloud or not to Cloud?

Should you use the cloud?

Cloudy, with a chance of work.

Presentation to the 2016 Brisbane Small Business Expo

Not really private.

Emails aren’t really private at all.

NBN and Emergency Devices

NBN When?

The timetable for NBN connections.

And the problem with email is?

Email Solutions – Part B

Email Solutions – Part A

Sonix - Phone systems and Sound Engineering

Where did the year go?

End of year checklist.

Five Phone messages

Messages in your phone system to help your customers.

Managing incoming calls

Using your phone system to work with your customers and your business.

VOIP Phones – what’s so special about them?

Phones in the new Digital Age

The old phones still work, but you are better off using digital phones in a digital world.

Eventstream - Video, Video Conferencing, Livestreaming

Communications Tips

Mirrors with Memories

Do you know what really got photography widely accepted?

Darbeth Studio Tour – Gaythorne

Not nervous?

First steps in livestreaming

Videos don’t just happen…

A time lapse of setting up for a business breakfast.

Reflector lighting

An alternative to studio lighting

Data Projector installation

Time lapse of a ceiling mounted data projector replacement.

Efficiency Biz

Your business story – does it connect?

How to tell it in a way that people will want to listen.

Know your business processes before changing your business.

How do you identify where to make changes to your business?

Don’t answer the question?

How to NOT answer the same question repeatedly.