COVID Safety in the studio

Custom COVID-Safe Microphone Bar used in Darbeth Studios

Studios are relatively safe from a COVID point of view and most risks are addressed by applying the usual standards such as social distancing and hygiene that apply to the general community and to office spaces. We ask you to confirm compliance with these standards before coming into the studio.

However, in addition to these general standards, we ask that you do not touch or handle any equipment or devices that you do not bring with you.

Microphones are a special case as people need to speak into a microphone which means their breath also goes into them. We have created a custom microphone bar with specific microphones that work from an overhead position. Being overhead, they do not need to be handled, and it is also very unlikely that any droplets from a person’s breath will enter them.

At the time we organise the studio session, we will discuss the number of people allowed in the studio. The government rules are subject to change, however to date the workable number of people in the studio has been less than the government mandated limits. The only impact has been the social distancing rules limiting the number of people on camera at any one time.

We thank you for assisting us with this.

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Many are now used to livestreaming in a one person – one camera situation. Click on the button to find out how we can help you with more detailed livestreaming requirements. Video recording is also available.