Darbeth Web and IT Services


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Looking good isn't enough when you run a business. You have to deliver or customers don't come back.

It's the same with your website. For a website to support or generate business your customers need to find easily what they are looking for, and just as easily let you know they want it. When designing a website it is easy to get caught up with colours and graphics and images and fonts and styles and animations and all things to do with the presentation and forget what the real purpose of the web site is. It's not looking good - it's delivering.

Using templates and workflows specially designed to create web sites for business people with zero or limited experience at web site design, at Darbeth we guide you through the entire process.

The focus is on getting your message to your customers so they take in the message rather than the flashing lights and bells and whistles that get their attention but not much else.

The workflow starts by finding out what is important to your business and your customers, and only then is a design developed that will communicate that to them.

Templates and standards are used to make the process easy and predictable, but they they never look like they have been made by cookie cutters as they are personalised with your own business's style.

Just as important, by using templates and standards, a quality web site is also affordable for all. For many, more affordable than their daily cup of coffee. For example, at $400 the Bellenden Ker template works out to $1.10 per day.

Contact us for further information on how we can help you get a web site that gets through to your customers.