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What is the problem with your computer?

Many problems with computers have simple solutions, and this page has some simple things you can try first. If these don't work, then use the contact form and we will help you as soon as we can.

We also recommend checking obvious things as well, as sometimes the obvious does get overlooked. (There was one instance where we were handed a "dead" computer, but in reality the power supply had been plugged in to the network socket.) Run through the following suggestions and see if they help you.

First of all...

  1. Totally shut your computer down - not sleep or hibernate mode - and reboot it. Many problems are fixed when old, temporary data has been properly cleared out of your computer.
  2. Check that all cables - power and data - are connected properly, securely, and are in the correct socket.
  3. Check that your antivirus software is working and is up to date with virus definitions. Usually new definitions are released on a weekly basis. If the definitions are not up to date, load the latest definitions and then do a full scan.
  4. Check your warranty - you may be covered by that.

Working now?

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Try the following.

Click on the icons to get some suggestions.

My computer is...

Computer Tower

It is...

No Power
Computer Network
Keyboard and Mouse Audio
Slow as a snail
CD Bruning

Disk too full. If the disk appears red in Windows Explorer, try deleting files

Too many programs running. Try shutting some down.

Windows is downloading updates. Wait for the download to finish.

Instant Messaging App is active. Try turning it off.

Multiple anti-virus programs running. Check that a second anti-virus program hasn't downloaded when you downloaded another program.

Too many uploads at the same time. Either cancel some, wait for them to finish, or reboot.

Router/Modem erratic. Turn it off. Wait 10 seconds. Turn it back on.

Congestion on the network. Try at a different time of day.

Faulty data cables or not plugged in properly. Check that connections are still plugged in properly. Swap cables if possible to isolate faulty cables.

Bad WiFi reception. Move to a different location and see if the signal improves.

Lift the rear of the laptop slightly to allow air circulation underneath the laptop. E.g. put a small back under it, but avoid the ventilation holes.

Something stuck in the ventilation fan. Remove it if possible.

Virus or Malware on your machine. Run a full scan if possible.

A recent update or download has used incorrect system drivers. Try a system restore to before the update.

The monitor is an unusual colour or streaky. Check that the data cable is still properly connected.

No sound - check power to speakers, and speakers are turned on.

No sound - check volume levels in 3 places: the speakers, the app/program itself, or the operating systems.

Check that the browser is NOT in offline mode.

Mouse doesn't move - check batteries, cable plugged in fully. If the mouse has a round plug, it must be plugged in before the computer is turned on.

Working now?

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Still not working, or your problem isn't listed?

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That is good news that your computer is now working. Please leave a message on the Contacts page so we know how you fixed your computer. Your experience will help someone else.

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