Darbeth Web and IT Services


New business setup

When you start a business you don't necessarily have many resources available to you, and things always seem to turn out different to the plan. Questions abound. Should you spend the mimimum and preserve your cash flow or spend a bit more and get value for money etc. etc. Many of those questions we can't help you with, but we certainly can help with Website and Computer questions.

The sorts of questions we can help with include:

We can also help with the initial setup of websites, emails, domain names etc. and set them up to grow with you in the future. A web presence is vital for all businesses now that we have a generation that lives on social media. For many of your customers if you are not on the web then you don't exist. We can get you on the web quickly in ways that allow you to develop your web presence as your business develops and also preserves your vital cash flow.

For help with Web and Computer questions when starting your business, contact us.