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A Cyber Super Highway,
or a
Muddy Jungle Track?

You are very comfortable dealing with your customers and your core business, but when it comes to your website it's a whole other world that sometimes even feels like wading through mud on a rough jungle track.

There are some basic principles that will make your life a lot easier when building your website, and to understand them you don't have to be a programmer any more than you need to be a mechanic to drive a car. These principles give you much greater control over the process, and we explain them using non-nerd terminology at the


Experience is the best teacher -
come and learn from ours.

In only a few hours we can pass on to you the website principles we have learnt out of our own experience and save you the learning curve that we endured."

7pm Wednesday 18th November (Registration at 6:30pm)

Function Room, Holland Park Hotel
Logan Road, Holland Park

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These are the seminar topics that will help you prepare your website for maximum effectiveness:

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