Good communications is key
to good business

We help businesses with that because we understand communications and the technology that makes it happen.

Business Technology and Communications

Communications has never been more flexible, and never more confusing. It wasn’t that long ago that a phone was just a phone – a single purpose device. You used it to talk to people and they used it to talk to you. A phone now communicates in so many ways that some people need to be reminded you can use it to talk to people.

Phones have changed so dramatically because communications technology as a whole has changed dramatically. The technology that moved data around in antique computers is now used to move information around in modern communications. A proven technology used in new ways. It’s just as easy for your phone to get a message directly from your bank’s computer as it is to let you participate in a video conference with multiple people in different parts of the world. While it is most easily seen in phones, these changes apply across the board to all forms of communications.

To help businesses get the best out of their communications, we now take a holistic approach. When it is possible for YouTube videos to degrade the quality of phone calls, we need to understand how everything integrates together. All communications now work using the same underlying technology. We make sure they work together so that you have the promised flexibility rather than fighting against each other.

Our Services

Darbeth has four service streams based on the type of communications they focus on. Services to clients typically include more than one of these streams, but grouping them this way makes it easier to understand what is being done.


These are the traditional IT services focusing on data. This includes things like setting up cloud apps, making sure the network works, security, configuring Windows and Office 365, etc.


This covers telephone systems and general audio requirements. Cloud based phone systems really help a business support their customers once configured to the specifics of each business. We can also do sound engineering for events such as business conferences and breakfasts, as well as a small recording studio that focusses on pre-recorded phone messages.

This service stream focuses on video. We can cover your live events with our three cameras to stream them and/or record them for later use. Alternatively, video can be recorded under controlled conditions in our studio or at your offices for when you have a specific message or training to be recorded.

A not so obvious benefit of modern communications technology is that it can help us understand the health of a business. The way that information moves, or doesn’t move through a business is a very good guide to the efficiency of a business. Efficiency Biz maps the flow of information through key activities such as Sales and Marketing, the Order to Cash process, and Finance, and helps business owners identity and prioritise where improvements can be made to their businesses.